Stainless steel sheet metal fabrication

//Stainless steel sheet metal fabrication
Stainless steel sheet metal fabrication

Project Description

Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Fabrication

sheet metal fabrication services

Stainless steel sheet metal fabrication, Custom metal stamping Supplier

Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Fabrication supplier in Dongguan, China.At JIGNXIN, we offer the custom sheet metal forming services, the metal manufacturing process is including Sheet Metal stamping, Deep drawing stamping, CNC bending

Trusted by the most famous company in the world

The 2000+ projects we have done for our clients from the overworld, Why they choose us as a contacted factory? Somehow, Our skilled mold designer will take customer requirement of the parts into consideration during the mold design and manufacturing.

Precision Metal Stampings (Tolerance range +/-0.02mm)

We understand that our customers need exceptional products that are consistent with quality, design and build specification. Our company has invested heavily in advanced stamping, bending, deep drawing equipment, enabling us to quickly deliver components in the volume you need. We have a rapid response team (one sales person and engineer as a group) in place, whose role is to ensure that your order is completed on time and  give your our advice in terms of your design has some issues in mass production before mold and tooling making, save you time and cost for tooling modification.

Stamping tooling designed and made in-house

All the stamping tooling and mold are made in-house with our advanced machining equipment. 20+ R&D Team who has more than 10 years experience in Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Fabrication. First of all, when I got a new inquiring about custom Stainless Steel Sheet Metal parts, we will propose a reasonable solution to our clients to make sure the newly designed parts that will be done complying with the principle of stamping process as well as the  Cost-effective. 

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Stainless steel sheet metal fabrication

custom stainless steel fabrication

Stainless steel sheet metal fabrication,Custom metal stamping Supplier

Project Name Stainless steel sheet metal fabrication
Application Industrial equipment enclosure
Material Aluminum, Stainless steel, steel
Machinery sheet metal stamping machine, CNC bending machine, TIG, and MIG welding machines
Processes sheet metal stamping process, bending, Welding.
Surface treatment & color polish & plating,or painting, powder coating
Part Measurement  Customized
Tolerance required  Without marking DIN 2768-M; Special required at   +/-0.1mm
Packaging  Carton +wood case
Quality assurance ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001 and BS OHSAS 18001 Certification
Document supplied CMM testing report, ABS Material data sheet & Rohs SGS report

Custom Metal Fabrication Process Details

deep drawn enclosuresdeep drawing stamping

Metal Stamping parts tooling  design and making

Clients provide 3d model design with stl format, our engineer converts the stl file into stp format, then design deep drawing mold according to the products design requirement.

deep drawn stamping toolingdeep drawn tooling

Metal stamping parts tooling

Making the mold according to the mold design, the mold finished with 3 weeks by CNC machining, WEDM EDM, Assembly testing, the first testing samples were sent for clients confirmation on the fourth week.

deep drawn stamping

Stamping die & Punching

The sheet metal stamping parts will be finished by 2-3 steps of stamping dies or punchings by different tooling.

deep drawn stamping


progressive-die tooling is more efficient in saving the labor cost and speed up the production. Safety for workers

deep drawn stamping

Thread Tapping

Tapping the thread on sheet metal stamping parts up on parts design

deep drawn stamping

Butt Welding

Some sheet metal stamping parts will be butt welded together according to clients design

deep drawn stamping

Metal stamping welded parts

Most of the metal stamping parts will be finished by 2-3 steps drawing or stamping by different stamping dies & toolings.

antique bronze plating finish

Antique bronze plating finish

At JINGXIN, metal stamping manufacturers supply the parts surface treatment and  finish that is  painting, plating and powder coating, More available finish that we do in-house please refer to page  finishes

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At JINGXIN®, We provide a full range of service including Injection molding, CNC machining services,  Rapid tooling for Short-run production or 10000+ production. Applications include parts for Auto parts, medical, industry. The Fast lead time within 3-6 working days.

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