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Plastic injection mold


injection mouldPlastic injection mold is the most commonly used for plastic parts fabrication

JINGXIN precision machinary Ltd is the factory of Plastic Injection mold making, custom molds and parts in China.more than 20 years and 100+ skilled engineer and machinist.

At JINGXIN® precision machinery Ltd., making Injection mold & tooling with complexly designed plastic parts. Typical tolerance range from +/- 0.05mm-0.1mm; Part size up to 400mm Diameter.

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JINGXIN Advantages

team work

Quick turn & Service

Quick feedback in 24 hours.Case by case  followed via One-on-one service.

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Mold making in House

JINGXIN’s Advanced mold making systems and Mold making in House, Quality control 

Plastic injection molding

Quality Control & Guarantee

ISO Certificated factory


High precision

tolerances ranging from +/-0.05mm – 0.1mm, or up on customers’ specs.

valume added services

Value Added service

Product design, Assembly, Packaging, Programming

Our Capabilities

A Full Range of Services

Insert Molding Over Molding
Two or three colors Molding Internal / External Threads
Custom colors Simple or Complex Parts

Value Added  Services

Lasing Marking UV glossy painting
Laser Engraving Assembly & Packaging
Product design & assistance Unlimited Part Quantities

Equipment list

Plastic injection  Mold making machines list

No. Type Brand Set Maximum manufacturing size Year
01 3 Axis CNC Brother (TAIWAN) 20 1300mmL*1000mmW*500mmH 2014
02 4 Axis CNC HASS (USA) 5 1000mmL*1000mmW*500mmH 2015
03 5 Axis CNC Brother (TAIWAN) 3 800mmL*800mmW*400mmH 2015
04 CNC  Lath BAOJI (China) 10 400mm Diameter 2015
05 Granding machine China 2 Water cooler system 2013
06 50A EDM China 4  50A 2012
07 Wire cutting machine (WEDM) DCE 4 Tolerance range 0.02mm (1100mmLx750mmW working platform) 2013
08 Slow  speed Wire cutting machine (WEDM) Sodick 1 Tolerance range 0.002mm 2013
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Plastic injection machine with Robot collection system

No. Sets Model Brand Cabability (Maxim products size & injection weight) Year
01 2 800T JETMASTER (Hongkong) 800mmLx800mmWx550mmH  or  weight 1200g 2014
02 4 450 T JETMASTER (Hongkong) 500mmLx500mmwx400mmH or  weight 800g 2013
03 12 260 T JSW (Japan)  350mmLX350mmLx300mmHor weight 450g 2015
04 6 HTF160J/TJ HT (Haitan) 240mmLx240mmLx250mmL   or weight 260g 2015

General purpose mold steel

No. AISI DIN JIS Application
01 C45   C45/CK45 Mold base
02 P21 NAK80 cavity and slider
03 420ESR  1.2136 S136 cavity and slider
04 420ESR  1.2380 S36H cavity and slider
05 P20-N1  1.2738 ASSAB718 cavity and slider

Plastic mold steel categories standard

No. USA  SPI-SPE stardard Grade Mold life (shot) Hardness
01   101  Pre-hardened high-quality plastic mold steel 1000k+ 48-50HRC
02  102 Pre-hard high hardness plastic mold steel >1000K 48-52HRC
03  103 Pre-hardened anti-corrosion mirror plastic mold steel >500K 32-36HRC
04  104 Corrosion-resistant mirror plastic mold steel >100K 32-36HRC
05  105 Short run plastic mold steel >1K ALuminum or Hard plastic

To Choose the right Plastic mold steel grade depends on the parts made of different plastic and expected mold life (shot). Learn more and contact us for more details 

Manufacturing standard

plastic injection moldPlastic injection mold & Mould standard

No. Standard

Lead Time & Packaging

Timeline for mold making

No. manufacturing Flow lead times (working days
01 DFM (Design for manufacturability) 3~5
02 mold making and T0 20~25
03 T1 (First formal mold testing 3
04 packaging & shipping 3
05 Total lead times 29~36

Export mold packaging (wood or steel box)

injection mold

Project Service Guide

  • Enquiry

    Design Source Files(STL、STP etc); Order Quantity; Tolerance Range; Surface Treatment Requirements; Purpose

  • Project Review & Quote

    Sign NDA(non-disclose-aggrement) if need. Project Review By Engineers Follow Up Project all details; Make Quotation for client

  • Biz Terms

    Shipping method & documents; Term of Payment; Packaging Details; Delivery Date,etc.

  • Project Execution

    Production Plan; Workflow & Process Control; Monitoring in whole procedure. Feedback to Client continually.

  • 100% QA before Shipping

    All Functions Testing; Surface Testing; Go Through All Project Details; Packing Testing; Testing & QA Report.

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