Vacuum casting prototyping

Silicone Mold Vacuum Casting & Rapid tooling for short-run molded plastic parts, The best RP mothed with low cost for rapid manufacturing.

Vacuum casting provides End-use, rigid or flexible plastic parts with production-level quality. Built without expensive and time-consuming hard tooling, vacuum casting is the Ideal process for rigid or soft plastic parts with short-run production & pre-production

At JINGXIN® precision machinery Ltd., has the solution to uses a 3D printer or CNC machined master pattern and silicone molds to provide high-quality vacuum casting plastic parts and over molded parts with soft TPU or rubber. The Maximum size is up to 1200mm long.The general Shrinkage rate of + 0.15% is expected.We have done 1200+ parts for industrial use such as medical device housing, Automotive parts enclosure, Household appliance.etc.    

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JINGXIN Advantages to Vacuum Casting used for Custom rapid manufacturing services

team work

Quick turn & Service

Quick feedback in 24 hours.Case by case  followed via One-on-one service.

quick model

Fast Lead time

JINGXIN skilled machinists produce high-quality parts as little as 3-6 working days

custom on demand

Custom finishes

Select from a variety of finishes and surface treatment or up on request.


High precision

tolerances ranging from +/-0.1mm – 0.2mm, or up on customers’ specs.

valume added services

Value Added service

Product design, Assembly, Packaging, Programming

General introduction: Manufacturing steps of  Vacuum casting 

what is vacuum casting

Vacuum casting process is used for:

Vacuum Casting VS  SLA 3D printing

Advantage Vacuum casting SLA 3D printing
Raw material cnc prototype manufacturer Rigid or soft  plastic VS Photopolymer
Application cnc prototype manufacturer End-use, function testing, promotion Outlooking checking, and design evaluate
Physical characteristics  cnc prototype manufacturer Tougher than SLA printed parts Less Strength and rigid

Vacuum casting VS  Rapid hard(aluminum or steel) tooling

Advantage Vacuum casting Rapid hard tooling
Tooling Cost cnc prototype manufacturer 1/10 cost of rapid hard tooling VS expensive
Lead times cnc prototype manufacturer 1 week 3 weeks at least

What kind of material is used for Vacuum casting process?

No. The Material used for vacuum casting manufacturing Methods
01 PU
02 transparent PU
03 soft share (A-D) PU
04 PC
05 POM
06 ABS
07 PP
08 Other special plastic
Vacuum casting material data sheet download here

Vacuum casting Examples

custom manufacturing services

Transparent PC parts for ATM

Soft PU parts for commercial products

ABS vacuum casting

Medical ABS enclosure

Available finishes & surface treatment

The parts will be cast according to your request of the color or other additional surface treatment.

UV painting & Screen printing

Vacuum casting

Cast in different color

3d printing and rapid prototyping

Rubber painting

Rapid prototyping

Vacuum Plating

The Custom manufacturing Service Guide to Vacuum casting

  • Enquiry

    Design Source Files(STL、STP etc); Order Quantity; Tolerance Range; Surface Treatment Requirements; Purpose

  • Project Review & Quote

    Sign NDA(non-disclose-aggrement) if need. Project Review By Engineers Follow Up Project all details; Make Quotation for client

  • Biz Terms

    Shipping method & documents; Term of Payment; Packaging Details; Delivery Date,etc.

  • Project Execution

    Production Plan; Workflow & Process Control; Monitoring in whole procedure. Feedback to Client continually.

  • 100% QA before Shipping

    All Functions Testing; Surface Testing; Go Through All Project Details; Packing Testing; Testing & QA Report.

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