SLA/SLS 3D printing services

SLA 3d printing Rapid prototypingSLA 3D printing process is often chosen for creating prototypes and models because it produces clean, crisp forms with layering that is difficult to see or feel.  also, no investing on tooling and the Fast lead time within 1-2 working days, the finish will be the same as injection molded. its Applications include parts for research and development, pre-production, qualification testing, and trade show samples. Tolerance range from +/-0.1~+/-0.2mm or up on clients specs.

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To learn more and get an overview of  3 major 3d printing technology and process.

Our SLA 3d printing Advantages

team work

Quick turn & Service

Quick feedback in 24 hours.Case by case  followed via One-on-one service.

quick model

Fast Lead time

JINGXIN skilled machinists produce high-quality parts as little as 1-3working days

custom on demand

Custom finishes

Select from a variety of finishes and surface treatment or up on request.


High precision

Tolerances ranging from +/-0.1mm – 0.2mm, or up on customers’ specs.

valume added services

Value Added service

Product design, Assembly, Packaging, Programming

SLA 3D printing VS Traditional process

Are you ready to get a prototype made by 3d printing to check your design for a new developing project? The following tips you may concern:

Advantage SLA/SLS 3D printing prototyping Traditional rapid prototyping
Lead time 1-2 days VS 3-5 days
Cost Low 10+ times SLA cost
Part design Wall Thickness can be 0.2~0.3 mm Wall Thickness at last 0.5~1mm
Raw Material Photopolymer All kinds of plastic and metal parts
Precision 0.1~0.2mm 0.02~0.1mm
Physical characteristics Less Strength and rigid Better than SLA/SLS prototypes
Surface & finish Various finish can be made on the parts Various finish can be made on the parts
Application Outlooking checking and design evaluate Assembly checking and function testing
SLA /SLS 3d printing    Learn more CNC machining   Learn More Vacuum Casting   Learn more
Totalerance Range +/-0.1-0.2mm +/-0.01-0.1mm +/-0.1-0.2mm
Machining cablity 850mmLx850mmWx350mmH 1200mmLx1200mmWx800mmH 1200mmLx1200mmWx800mmH
Lead times  1-3 working days 3-6  working days 3-6 working days
Cost Low High Middle
Application Engineering Evaluation/New project delvepoment /out-looking /exhibition Engineering Evaluation/New project delvepoment /function testing,Customized, New project delvepoment /function testing,Customized
Advantage Fast lead time High precision and fast turnaround Short run production without expensive hard tooling

Advanced SLA 3D printing Equipment

No. Type Brand Set Maximum manufacturing size
01 SLA Unitech 450 10 800mmL*800mmW*400mmH
02 SLS Stratasys 5 500mmL*500mmW*300mmH

Available SLA 3D printing Materials Listing

A special type of liquid plastic (photopolymer) is used that reacts with ultraviolet (UV) light to form a solid.

More details please refer to the material Technical  data sheet

No. Material Process Data sheet Download
01 SOMOS 14120 SLA Technical data sheet SOMOS 14120
02 SOMOS 11122 SLA Technical data sheet SOMOS 11122
03 EOS PA2200 SLS Technical data sheet EOS PA2200

Available finishes & surface treatment

CNC prototypes

Color Samples

High glossy UV painting

SLA printing rapid prototype

Semi-Transparent with Sand blasting

SLA rapid prototype


rapid prototypes

Matt painting

CNC machined auto parts

Chemical Black

Rapid prototyping

Vacuum Plating

Screen printing for Logo

3d prototyping service


3d printing and rapid prototyping

Rubber painting

Project Service Guide

  • Enquiry

    Design Source Files(STL、STP etc); Order Quantity; Tolerance Range; Surface Treatment Requirements; Purpose

  • Project Review & Quote

    Sign NDA(non-disclose-aggrement) if need. Project Review By Engineers Follow Up Project all details; Make Quotation for client

  • Biz Terms

    Shipping method & documents; Term of Payment; Packaging Details; Delivery Date,etc.

  • Project Execution

    Production Plan; Workflow & Process Control; Monitoring in whole procedure. Feedback to Client continually.

  • 100% QA before Shipping

    All Functions Testing; Surface Testing; Go Through All Project Details; Packing Testing; Testing & QA Report.

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