Plastic injection molding is the most commonly used for plastic parts fabrication and efficient in terms of both time and cost,

JINGXIN® Precision Machinary Ltd is the factory of Plastic Injection mold making, custom molds and parts in China.more than 20 years and 100+ skilled engineer and machinist.we offer export mold & tooling , and Injection molding services with many kinds of plastic material. Applications include parts for Auto parts, medical, industry. Typical tolerance range from +/- 0.05mm-0.1mm.

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JINGXIN Advantages

team work

Quick turn & Service

Quick feedback in 24 hours.Case by case  followed via One-on-one service.

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Mold making in House

JINGXIN’s Advanced mold making systems and Mold making in House, Quality control 

Plastic injection molding

Quality Control & Guarantee

ISO Certificated factory


High precision

tolerances ranging from +/-0.05mm – 0.1mm, or up on customers’ specs.

valume added services

Value Added service

Product design, Assembly, Packaging, Programming

Our Capabilities

A Full Range of Services

Insert Molding Over Molding
Two or three colors Molding Internal / External Threads
Custom colors Simple or Complex Parts

Value Added  Services

Lasing Marking UV glossy painting
Laser Engraving Assembly & Packaging
Product design & assistance Unlimited Part Quantities

Equipment list

Plastic injection  Mold making machines list

No. Type Brand Set Maximum manufacturing size Year
01 3 Axis CNC Brother (TAIWAN) 20 1300mmL*1000mmW*500mmH 2014
02 4 Axis CNC HASS (USA) 5 1000mmL*1000mmW*500mmH 2015
03 5 Axis CNC Brother (TAIWAN) 3 800mmL*800mmW*400mmH 2015
04 CNC  Lath BAOJI (China) 10 400mm Diameter 2015
05 Granding machine China 2 Water cooler system 2013
06 50A EDM China 4  50A 2012
07 Wire cutting machine (WEDM) DCE 4 Tolerance range 0.02mm (1100mmLx750mmW working platform) 2013
08 Slow  speed Wire cutting machine (WEDM) Sodick 1 Tolerance range 0.002mm 2013
CNC machine center
Mold making work shop
mold cavity polishing

Plastic injection machine with Robot collection system

No. Sets Model Brand Cabability (Maxim products size & injection weight) Year
01 2 800T JETMASTER (Hongkong) 800mmLx800mmWx550mmH  or  weight 1200g 2014
02 4 450 T JETMASTER (Hongkong) 500mmLx500mmwx400mmH or  weight 800g 2013
03 12 260 T JSW (Japan)  350mmLX350mmLx300mmHor weight 450g 2015
04 6 HTF160J/TJ HT (Haitan) 240mmLx240mmLx250mmL   or weight 260g 2015
plastic injection molding services

Project Service Guide

  • Enquiry

    Design Source Files(STL、STP etc); Order Quantity; Tolerance Range; Surface Treatment Requirements; Purpose

  • Project Review & Quote

    Sign NDA(non-disclose-aggrement) if need. Project Review By Engineers Follow Up Project all details; Make Quotation for client

  • Biz Terms

    Shipping method & documents; Term of Payment; Packaging Details; Delivery Date,etc.

  • Project Execution

    Production Plan; Workflow & Process Control; Monitoring in whole procedure. Feedback to Client continually.

  • 100% QA before Shipping

    All Functions Testing; Surface Testing; Go Through All Project Details; Packing Testing; Testing & QA Report.

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