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Prototype Machining

Project Description

Prototype Machining

JIGNXIN is one of the professional Rapid CNC prototype machining services factories in China, the prototype machining process is including Rapid CNC prototyping,3D printing rapid prototyping, Silicone vacuum casting, Sheet Metal stamping, Rapid tooling injection molding. Trusted by the most famous company in the world, +/-0.01~0.1mm tolerance. Delivery in days. Warm service and Quick response sales+R&D team.JINGXIN is always seeking to supply our best prototyping solution to industrial manufacturing.

prototype cnc machining services

Aluminum Prototype machining service

prototype machining service

CNC machined prototypes-Aluminum alloy parts

Rapid CNC prototype machining services factory in China

CNC machined rapid prototypes

Project Name Plastic CNC prototype machining services
Application Medical equipment housing, industrial, Auto parts, house hold appliance
Material ABS ,PC,PA,POM plastic
Machinery  4 Axis machines
Processes CNC machining,3D printing, Rapid tooling, Vacuum casting for short-run production
Surface treatment & color polish,painting & plating
Part Measurement  Customized on demand
Tolerance required  Without marking DIN 2768-M; Special required at   +/-0.1mm
Packaging  Carton +wood case
Quality assurance ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001 and BS OHSAS 18001 Certification
Document supplied CMM testing report, ABS Material data sheet & Rohs SGS report
Client From EU

Prototype machining & Manufacturing process details

rapid prototyping companies

Various Raw material  rapid prototypes are in stocks, such as Steel , Stainless steel, copper, plastic, aluminum alloys

deep drawing stamping

Best and effective manufacturing solutions with perfect CNC machining programme

To choose the suitable raw material for prototypes depends on the use of prototype and customer’s requirement. Our skilled prototyping engineer makes a production plan according to the prototyping process made by CNC milling, turning else process involved like lasing cutting, EDM.etc.

rapid prototyping service

We offer fast CNC milling plastic prototypes with high-speed CNC machine center. the deviation is from +/-0.005-+/-0.01mm.

rapid prototyping china

CNC turning rapid plastic prototypes (MOCK-Up)

Fast Custom manufacturing by CNC machining center and lathe. tolerance range +/-0.02mm. At Jingxin, Advanced high performance CNC machine centers for rapid prototyping, Machining capability workpiece size is 1.5m*1.2m*0.8m. SLA printing prototype lead time in 1-3 days; CNC Rapid prototypes lead time in 3-6 days.

rapid prototyping china
rapid prototyping company

handmade and surface polishing

Before going ahead with rapid prototype surface treatment like painting or plating, All the rapid prototypes will be assembled and checked by our machinists piece by piece after the first process  CNC machining and then its surface would be polished by hand or machines according to different surface treatment required by clients.

rapid prototyping company
Rapid manufacturing china

Surface treatment

We do the surface treatment like spray painting, powder coating; electroplating, Vacuum plating for plastic  in-house, More available finish for prototypes please refer to page  finishes

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At JINGXIN®,  is a Rapid CNC prototyping China company, our full range of service including,3d printing prototype, Injection molding, CNC machining services, rapid manufacturing for Short-run production or 10000+ production. Applications include parts for Auto parts, medical, industry. Typical tolerance range from +/- 0.01 mm-0.05 mm; The Fast lead time within 3-6 working days.

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