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Choose a right Prototyping companies for your new project

It is important for a designer to Choose a right prototyping companies to service their new developing project.  with newly designed products, the designer needs to go through testing, validation, and verification before putting it into market ,so the Rapid prototype must be created to see if the design works properly and checking the construction if [...]

How to make plastic prototype

How to make a plastic prototype? there are three main options you can choose from: Make it by yourself (DIY), 3D printing online and hiring a professional prototyping manufacturer. Which one is the best for you depends on project design, your budget and time? However, For the easy prototype, you can make it by yourself [...]

What is rapid prototyping

What is rapid prototyping?  Rapid Prototyping can be defined as a quick fabricate a scale model of a part using three major processes: 3d printing, CNC machining, and silicon mold vacuum casting.The rapid prototyping parts are used for checking the design before making the standard tooling in order to save the investment and time-consuming. The [...]