How to Choose the Best Rapid Prototyping Method?

//How to Choose the Best Rapid Prototyping Method?

How to Choose the Best Rapid Prototyping Method?

For new products are designed, the designer needs to go through testing, validation, and verification before putting it into market ,so the prototypes or Rapid Prototyping plastic parts must be created to see if the design works properly and checking the construction if it is reasonable for mass production or testing its function as you expected, How that is achieved ? what makes the difference in? how long it takes to get development done and the product to market.

Rapid Prototyping is the best solution for new products developments with short time consuming and no expensive tooling cost, especially for the complex, multi-component parts. In the past, all these components would require a full set of custom tooling or hand-made, tooling is hugely time-consuming (several weeks to as much as six months) and expensive (would be  $8000.00~20000.00). Now, at JINGXIN@ precision machinery Ltd, we offer a full range of rapid prototyping service which could include SLA/SLS 3d printing, CNC  (Computer Numerically Controlled) machining prototyping, Rapid injection tooling,Vacuum casting(Urethane Casting).etc

The following factors to consider before choosing

Before choosing a right prototyping method for your projects, JINGXIN@ experts advise the following factors to consider

1) How many parts do you need?

2) What types of material characteristics do you require for the prototype and, ultimately, the product?

3) What is your budget?

4) When do you need the parts? Whether you need them now or in a few weeks will help determine which process to use.

5) In what stage of product development are you?

6) Will you likely need to make modifications? If so, then you might want to start off with the lower risk of 3D printing.

7) What is the life expectancy of this product?

8) Are you familiar with the options? There is also investment casting, and that can also serve a purpose. You must weigh out your options.

9)Do you need the parts with the fine surface ,or should be surface treatment like painting,coating plating?

Which method to use?

how to choose the best rapid prototyping method
SLA 3d printing
SLA /SLS 3d printing    Learn more CNC machining   Learn More Vacuum Casting   Learn more
Totalerance Range +/-0.1-0.2mm +/-0.01-0.1mm +/-0.1-0.2mm
Machining cablity 850mmLx850mmWx350mmH 1200mmLx1200mmWx800mmH 1200mmLx1200mmWx800mmH
Lead times  1-3 working days 3-6  working days 3-6 working days
Cost Low High Middle
Application Engineering Evaluation/New project delvepoment /out-looking /exhibition Engineering Evaluation/New project delvepoment /function testing,Customized, New project delvepoment /function testing,Customized
Advantage Fast lead time High precision and fast turnaround Short run production without expensive hard tooling


Stereolithography (SLA)

3D printing is evolving rapidly, with new processes and materials appearing, it is great for creating very small parts and complex geometries parts ,lead time within 2-5 working days.

SLA 3D printing has the greatest choice of materials and the smoothest surface finish. It utilizes a resin-like material, so products made this way will not be long-lasting like a thermos-plastic, but there are several choices of feedstock strengths, transparencies and temperature resistance.

The finishing options, which can be painted the color what you need like the actual product will appear.

Learn more what is 3d printing and how does 3d printer work or contact JINGXIN experts directly


how to choose the best rapid prototyping method

According to JINGXIN experts suggestions, when comparing 3D printing to CNC, the main factor for choice is the quantity of parts, the lead time and the costs. Parts can be done in plastics and metals and CNC machining can also use actual thermoplastic materials as well as hard and soft metals such as aluminum, copper, brass and stainless steel. CNC machining can be used for one-off prototypes, end-use functional parts and jigs and fixtures. CNC machining is generally faster than 3D printing and is better for larger volumes of parts.

CNC machining for rapid prototyping plastic parts or metal parts can be very precise and CNC mills can make thousands of perfect copies of an object very quickly. CAD programs can be used to design a part and that design can be seamlessly used to program the CNC mill to create the part at relatively low cost. Jingxin@ has CNC machines of their own, more about JINGXIN @ equipments please refer to our website.

When deciding between CNC and 3D printing, also consider the part geometry and the number of products needed to determine which is more economical.

Vacuum casting or rapid tooling plastic injection molding

rapid injection tooling

JINGXIN precision rapid injection tooling for short run production

JINGXIN vacuum casting for plastic parts end use or pre-production

There are two types of injection molding for rapid prototyping and low-volume production, including Vacuum casting(soft silicon mold or plastic mold)  and plastic injection molding (rapid hard aluminum or steel tooling). The chosen process will be determined by the quantity and complexity of the part. Vacuum casting is suitable for quantities of 10-100 parts; Injection molding is suitable for quantities of 25 to over 10,000 parts

With vacuum casting and injection molding, many parts can be created and produced at the same time quickly, with low labor costs and a high repeat tolerance. Generally, there is little finishing required as parts usually have a finished look upon ejection.

This is a good process for prototyping, bridge tooling, and low-volume product. There are hundreds of colors and engineering-grade plastics available for injection molding.

If you need a prototype for your new project please contact JINGXIN experts to help you choose the best solutions.

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